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3CXHost understands the services they provide are mission-critical for their clients. That is why they are one of the few companies to take the extra step and offer an SLA to all of their customers. As a company strongly committed to providing a reliable, high-quality customer experience to their clients, this is another example of our dedication.  Our industry leading Service Level Agreement (SLA) outlines the minimum service expectations a client may expect from 3CXHost for their provided Business VoIP service.  This SLA represents both 3CXHost’s responsibility and their client’s course of action with respect to 3CXHost’s Quality & Service Guarantee.


3CXHost Quality & Service Guarantee:

If a 3CXHost client is for any reason dissatisfied with the services provided by 3CXHost, the client may terminate 3CXHost services at any time.  Any prepaid fees for the current month are non-refundable, unless there is a separate term contract related to the services being provided. Customers may return un-used equipment within 10 days of purchase for a modest re-stocking fee (20%).  3CX license purchases are non-refundable.  VoIP services are dependant on many providers (between our servers and the end users’ equipment) and such carriers, Internet Service providers, Network/Transit providers and their associated traffic routing and quaility of service is completely outside the control of 3CXHost. Such issues outside of 3CXHost’s control are not valid grounds for excersing and requesting service credits.

Network Maintenance:

Scheduled Network Maintenance refers to normal maintenance scheduled for the upgrade of 3CXHost’s data and voice network, as well as servers used to deliver their 3CXHost Phone System™ to their clients. Scheduled Network Maintenance may occur at any time during our maintenance window of 10:00PM – 5:30AM EST and Emergency and Security-related Maintenance may happen at any time, so as to protect continuing services for all clients. Such effects related to Scheduled or Emergency Network Maintenance shall not give rise to service credits outlined in this SLA.

Required Notification:

3CXHost must receive written notice of the client’s intent to terminate their 3CXHost plan within twenty four hours of a billing cycle to avoid being billed for a future service term.

Availability Guarantee:

A credit balance will be carried for interruptions, specifically within the 3CXHost service being provided, where inbound or outbound calling is affected for period in excess of 45 minutes for each user affected. Voice Service Unavailability shall begin when the Support Ticket, Email or Phone Call is received by the 3CXHost Support Team and ends when the service has been deemed in operation once again.

Credit Amount – Total Interruption Time
10%     45 min to 1 hour
20%     1 hour to 47 hours + 59 minutes
33%     More than 48 hours

We have refunded credits and refunds up to a full month of service, based on certain scenarios.0  This is at the sole discretion of 3CXHost management.

Provisions to 3CXHost’s Availability Guarantee

No credit balance will be earned under the following scenarios:

  • Noncompliance with respect to 3CXHost’s Terms of Service (including its payment terms)
  • Power failure at the client’s location
  • Local equipment found negatively affecting the IP Telephony services
  • Failure of equipment, systems, connections or services not provided by 3CXHost (ie. ISP: Internet Service Provider)
  • Circumstances or causes beyond the reasonable control of 3CXHost
  • Any period in which 3CXHost is not provided full and free access to all required equipment in order to rectify a situation

The amount of credit available per month is subject to a cap as described in this Agreement.

Credit Balance and Payment Process

Following a verified incident, 3CXHost will provide a credit or refund earned from the 3CXHost SLA herein within two billing cycles. Credits are based on the average client user fee, and total sum will not exceed the average client user fee for that billing period, nor will 3CXHost be responsible for any fees, damages or credits more than the total sum of the average client user fee for that billing period. Credits will only be given to clients in good financial standing and must comply with 3CXHost’s Terms of Service. As a result of any investigations, clients must fully cooperate with the 3CXHost Support Team. Failure to do so, will negate all credit earnings and void the Guarantee.

Policy Change – At any time, 3CXHost may change, amend or revise this SLA. The revised SLA shall become effective once posted on the 3CXHost website.

Revised – 2/15/15
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