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Need general 3CX technical support? Please complete the below form.3cx Certified Partner

We provide support to existing clients, based on which services that they have with us and also all 3CX customers.  We also provide 3CX support on an on call and billable schedule.  Please let us know what type of support that you need below, and we will respond to your request.

If you are having issues with your 3CX phone system contact us.

  1. Our telephone support rate is $95.00/hr for non-clients – OR – Clients that utilize us for hosting and or telephony services pay a reduce rate of $80.00/hr – Scroll down and complete the below form for support now, if you fit into one of these two categories.
  2. We offer a full service 3CX monitoring plan, including regular updates to your 3cx install and support when you need it.  This plan is $75.00 per month and includes our premium Network Watchguard server monitoring that protects your server from viruses and malware and also monitoring it 24 hours day.  Any support that would be needed is billed at a rate of $65.00 per hour, as-needed and as requested by you.  Click here to sign up for this plan.

For plans #1 and #2 above, we accept payment via paypal or credit card payment directly at the time services are provided.  For plan #3, that is billed quarterly, and you would sign up here.  If you have access to your phone server desktop, and you can browse to the internet, we can log in remotely and correct issues with the server and most phone sets.

If you have a Premium support contract with us, please contact our Support Team directly on the contact number you have been provided.

Need a second opinion on your current install or your current provider?  No problem…contact us!




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